What We Teach and Believe 


Discipleship is the process of accepting and assisting in the spread of the doctrine of Christ and focusing on becoming strong believers and helping others become strong believers as well. It is through discipleship the CKBIM core values of Worship, Fellowship, Evangelism, Mentoring, building and supporting strong Families and trust relationships will be achieved.



Showing our love and respect for God is of utmost importance at CKBIM. By making God the priority of our lives and teaching others to do the same, we demonstrate the love, respect and devotion to God our Heavenly Father that He desires from us His beloved children.



Companionship and fellowship in community are central elements of our Christian faith. CKBIM, following the example of Jesus Christ, will create an atmosphere for partnering in community. In becoming a vital member of our civic community we will connected with our neighbors through CKBIM and our various church and faith partners in the Kingdom of God.



As a great commission church we at CKBIM value sharing our faith and winning and supporting personal commitments to Christ through showing forth the redeeming love of Jesus Christ and through preaching, teaching, training and outreach.



Teaching, supporting, and advising young people is of primary importance in CKBIM’s mission of raising up future generations pleasing to God. Young people matter to God which is why coaching and mentoring young people, spiritually, emotionally and educationally are among CKBIM’s core values.


Strengthening Family Relationships

Through the leading of the Holy Spirit and through study, teaching and practical applications of the Word of God, CKBIM will encourage men, women and children to embrace our God-given roles and relationships in our family units.


Building Trusting Relationships

In building a faith community that nurtures and cultivates people to grow in God, CKBIM will be a safe place to share the testimony of each individual by fostering and strengthening the bonds of love, family, and community through of love of Jesus Christ.